A latecomer to jazz, although by no means defined by that.

Passionate about anything I can get heated about, and then not passionate about it once resolved (take to mean; I won).

Enjoy finding the metaphysical in the normal or, even, the banal.

My favourite thing is Jim Cameron’s Aliens, and if you would like an example of how I dig around for meaning in anything, engage me on that topic. I’ll bend your ear right round and inside-out.

Full time devil’s advocate, part-time contrary pain in the arse.

Philosophiser of hip-hop and celebrity.

Lover of fine culture, little bit too pleased with how clever I think I am. I read the Guardian an’ evryfin’.

Talk a lot about ‘ideals’ and ‘principles’, but I’m typing this on an iPad. Which I love more than I expect to love my children.

Big fan of Mark Wahlberg.


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